The Hit
The Hit

The Hit

Just when everything started looking fine, the phone rings. [Build a story]…

I was on my daily routine, woke up and get my emails, and tea, Even in this internet era we Indians never leave newspapers, it’s in our blood. 😛 I went outside to grab the newspaper when I reach the door, I heard a dog barking, I got confused and thought about if I had a dog, after 10 seconds I realized It was my phone ringing, but what was my phone doing on the door, The door wasn’t locked, And as I opened the door, it was blank, Nobody was there in that colony. And nobody means No ‘Body’. I was totally shocked, I checked my room, and my room partner was also missing. 

                                        But then I saw a note on the wall, I guess my friend left that for me, It was written that he will leave at 5 o’clock for his home today. That gave me a moment of relaxation, then I smell something burning, I quickly went into the kitchen and find that the milk was evaporated and the vessel was red hot. I quickly turned off the gas, I was wondering when I put the milk on the gas. I suddenly realized that my phone was ringing, I came to the phone and checked there was no missed call. I checked again and again, but I found nothing. I went to the door again to get the newspaper. Now the door was not opening. I tried hard to open it but it didn’t I started shouting for help, and then I remembered that there was no one out there. I was still very confused that what exactly happening to me. I tried to look outside the window, I don’t know how I did but I fell outside, my room is on the first floor so it didn’t hurt that much, but it did hurt a bit. I stand up and went to the door side, and saw that two dogs were fighting for my newspaper, I went there and tried to get that newspaper out, but suddenly they both ran after me. This day was totally horrible. I was running so hard, and finally, they went away. But Now I didn’t know where I am. Actually, I was new to the city. After an hour I saw a girl, she came to me and asked for my phone. I was totally confused, she said, “Where the hell your phone is?”

                I asked, “Who are you?”

She was shocked, She said,” Are you kidding? you do not recognize your wife.”

Now I was damn shocked. When did I get married? I mean yesterday I was very happy about getting into college, and now this, what the F*#$?

  I asked, “Do I know you?”

 She said, “Now one more joke, peter, And I am gonna give you a tight slap.”

I asked, “Who is peter?”

She said, “What happened to you, did you drink last night?”

I said, “I don’t drink at all, and My name is ……..”

OMG, I forgot what my name was. 

Then I saw Max, he is my friend and was going somewhere, I reach out to him and said, “Hey Max I don’t know what is going wrong with me “

At first, he didn’t recognize me, but then he said, “Ohh, Peter how are you?”

I asked, “Am I peter?”

He said, “Ye you are Peter, Actually you got hit last night by a car. And that’s why you are forgetting some things, some people took you to the hospital, they did something, and you were discharged very quickly, Are you okay now?”

I said, “No I am not”

I said, “My body knows what to do, but my mind doesn’t.”

That girl came to me and touched my head, and then I realized, I really got a very bad hit, It was still bleeding. She took me to my room, All three. Now everything was looking fine. But Just when everything started looking fine, the phone rings.. And I picked it up, then someone said from the other side, “Hello, Nitin are you having a good time as Peter…………. ” 

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