Walk before the run or run before you walk(Business)
Walk before the run or run before you walk(Business)

Walk before the run or run before you walk(Business)

This is one of my favorite dialogues from my favorite movie IRON MAN. Although, I am not gonna be more technical than that. Let me explain something about this point and I think you will also understand my point better. In this particular scene, Tony stark was about to start a new era of his life by testing Mark2 his project which we also know as The Iron Man suit. So his AI pal and system Jarvis was not sure whether the suit is ready for flying or not. Not even stark himself had ever tried something like that. All he did was a little practice of staying up in the air for 10 seconds with 2 percent of suit power. He started with 10 but he got failed, but then he lowered the power and got what he actually wanted for his confidence. And once he understood the game he made a jump, he wanted to fly as soon as he can so there would be no fear at all. He was excited. And when Jarvis interrupts him he says these lines, “Sometimes you got to run before you can walk.”. 

And right now I am using it to explain startup but I think we all can use this to do anything. Start anything, but don’t start as stupid. Even if you did start stupid, people and situations will kick you away in the right direction. But if you are like me and you want to read your questions really well before you want to start answering them. Then before you jumpstart a little slow by just understanding what you are gonna do about your situation. I once wanted to do something on my own, and I have knowledge of Robotics and software design. So I went to a college for arranging a workshop alone. Now what happened later is not my focus right now, but before I had so many chances to do the same thing but I couldn’t because I couldn’t understand how will the execution happen. So I started studying, luckily I have two mentors who had the same profession, and they were also addressing so many students once. And I was observing the way they were handling each and everything. Which also took me back to my student days. I never thought that even that teacher plans so many things before he could start teaching us. 

Plan your initial.

So Before I could go for a Robotics workshop in college I needed to know how college works in this kind of matter. Because I never have been to a college. So I tried to learn that from some college students. I asked how will I get permission, and whom should I talk to. and finally, I still got nothing. So I took my brother with me because he had been to college. And luckily this was his ex-college. So We got permission.


When I was discussing the money for a robotics workshop for each student was 1500 rs. per student. It’s not too much, but the college was not in any city, it was in a village where students could not afford to pay that much for the knowledge. They pay for Degree that’s all. This is also something that makes me sad. Anyway, I judged this and I offered them 200 rs per student web designing workshop. And then the teacher thought of it as an opportunity for all students, so he made it compulsory for everyone. I never thought that it will. They wanted to have a workshop but in 1500 each was too much. So by just simple fact observation, you can improvise. 

Then what I did was that I took the internet and googled the content of web designing. And got HTML CSS and JS. I planned it properly and executed it in front of the student, while addressing them I was acting like my mentor because I observed him when he used to address us. 


I don’t if you can imagine but let me know that you need lots of heart to go alone among 80 students who are seniors to you and give a lecture on topics that you have recently learned. But when I was doing all those things I was not thinking about how hard it is. and I realized it later when I finished. And that was running before walking. But the only reason I pulled it off was that I already have a vision in my mind of how I am gonna execute it. So I think you need a tip and then a plan, first think about your tools, and then once you have a little idea about what are you gonna do execute it. 

The analysis is easy, go to the people who have already done that. Or read those people on the internet. You will get lots of ideas, and then there will be a time when you will realize how to do the execution, and at that time you will have to have the courage to run for it.

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