We Indians give too much importance to rituals…visiting a temple on a particular day, fasting for religious reasons…are these relevant in this age ? or they are just solace to fight our fears and insecurities? #rituals                         

I don’t think that I have to explain it much, If you have heard or read any of Swami Vivekananda’s ritual speeches. 

At the beginning of all religions, most people used to worship energies, like water, fire, etc. Worship doesn’t define what they use to create a temple or anything like that, but they respect those powers that let them stay alive, that helped them in their daily life. There were some people as they also do now, who always disrespect those powers, they believe that these are just normal nature that has to be there for us always. 

Our ancient saints have created these rituals so that we could utilize the science behind them without even knowing it. Not everyone can understand science, but it doesn’t mean everyone cannot use it. For instance, literature in India sees the moon as a brother of earth, but we all know what it is as science. 

    So basically rituals tell you some indirect science, to rise early in the morning, to do Yoga, not to eat before bath, and so on. 
          I also believe that in those times when these rituals have been written, conditions were different, and today is completely different, for instance, our shastras say that we all should finish our mean before the sun sets, but we should also remember that there was no electricity in that time. They used to say that because, they wanted us to sleep well after dinner, from 6 o clock to 3 in the morning, so some things you can change for yourself. We all should believe in facts, we all should believe in rituals,

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