Business is people
Business is people

Business is people

Nowadays we all see lots of youngsters, whether inspired by movies or news or maybe from their ancestor business success, people want to be an entrepreneur. And they want to start their own business. They wanna do a startup. The startup is a guitar that everyone wants to show off today. And this attitude can be harmful to Corporates. Because business does not get developed by that. No organization can survive without people. It’s alright to think of your own business, think about your own profit and all. But it all starts with ideas, plans, and the will to fight. Well, I won’t say that those people who start a business just because they want to, are wrong. It gives you a lot of experiences that you haven’t imagined.

But in an interview, Mark Zuckerberg was explaining how he comes up with Facebook, and how youth should think of startups. He said that people tend to think of starting a business before they could think of any idea on which they want to build their empire. Mark himself was very much of a people observer. There were so many social sites, that were online at that time. People used to use them, but what was different on Facebook made it so different from the others. We wanted to see those people on the internet that we know in real life. This single understanding of people’s nature. We all want to be our own boss. But people who just wanna be bosses cannot start a business.

So for starting up a business, I think the most necessary thing is people. It’s Managing lots of people, it’s making lots of friends and networking, it’s understanding people’s needs. Everything in business includes people. So a good understanding of people is very important. 


For instance, upselling. Upselling can be very profitable for your business. Because if you think you can have new customers every next day, then you will soon run out of customers. Because if you have a local business, you may have access to 2000 people only. Even if you are an online business and you sell a TV, if you are not like Amazon, then you may have 200 visitors and 2 of them gonna order your TV in a week. If you can upsell speakers also to those customers, and also if your quality impresses those people. They can recommend you to others. They will come back when they need anything else that is related to your store. 

All of these tricks include people. Most MBAs tell you about managing lots of people. But most of them use numbers to teach you business. Numbers can show you the progress that you have made, but they can not tell you how to grow. It’s like a mirror, it can show you some reality, and that’s it. So experience with big numbers is great art, but the art of winning people is what will get you to achieve those numbers. 

So instead of showing off your startup, observe people.

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