Time Capsule 2
Time Capsule 2

Time Capsule 2

You dig up a time capsule you buried years ago. Instead of memorabilia, you find a modern phone. It rings… 

As soon as you touch the phone it becomes new, it becomes transparent. 

You pick up the phone, The unknown caller says,”Hello ‘x’ .” 

You ask, “Who is ‘X’ ?”

Unknown says, “X can be anything but I am ‘The One’.”

You say, “Who are you?”

Unknown says, “I am ultimate, I am destiny, I am time.”

You ask, “I didn’t understand, why did you call me? and where is my other stuff?”

The unknown says, “When you solve a problem in math you get a result, that result is the destiny of the question. You got the question because you were looking for it. And you find the answer because you worked for it. I am the answer to all of your questions.”

You say, “What questions, I didn’t get it.”

The unknown, “You often don’t sleep at night, you often think what will happen to your body after death. Why there are people who are weak and strong? Why there are people who are beautiful and ugly? “

You say, “How do you know all this, who are you? are you Emile? If you are then I will not leave you in college.”

The unknown says, “Your friend Emile doesn’t know that you have lost a million dollars in stocks, some Anil Sharma had fooled you and now you want to take revenge for it.”

You are scared, astonished. And you ask again, “Are you here to help me?”

The unknown says, “Of course I am.”

You ask, “How are you gonna do that?”

The unknown answer is, “Whichever way you want it.”

You say, “You have told me so many things about me, even I didn’t know before you told me. So you probably would know what I want and how I want”

The unknown says, “The things about life that you think, like why we are here or how life works, to answer this you need to go in Adhyatm(spiritual) way. But before that, you need to solve your general problems. Each citizen that exists in this world has problems, and the reason that we can’t solve them depends on mostly three things, 

1- You think that you are the only one on the planet to face that problem 

2- You don’t have abilities. Remember abilities need purity. And when in this case purity of ability can be measured by your level of confidence in it. The more you are confident the more your abilities are pure.

3- Fear, fear of anything fear of speaking the truth, fear of making mistakes, or fear of trying. This all stops us from solving our problems. Now you have to work on these three things and I will come on Saturday again same time same place.”

The unknown hangs the phone and you wake up from your dreams. 🙂 

Remember Saturday 


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