Time Capsule
Time Capsule

Time Capsule

You dig up a time capsule you buried years ago. Instead of memorabilia, you find a modern phone. It rings… Complete the story!

It rings your name, you feel scared, and you are afraid of receiving it. You are astonished, scared, and curious at the same time. You think about what to do, and suddenly the ring stops, and on the screen of the phone, a message got typed.


You get scared and curious at the same time. You go near it and touch it, and the screen gets bigger and flashes so much light. when you touch it, it captures you. And you wake up. 

In the morning when you wake up, you find your mother shouting at you. But you don’t know why you are not getting annoyed by her voice. You get up and touch your mom’s feet, you gave her a tight hug. And your mother says, “Have you gone mad, or you had a drink last night.” You say, “No mom I just want you to know that I love you so much. You have done so much for me but I cannot Thank you ever. 

                                  I still remember the day I got a fever at the night, and instead of you everyone went to the party, but you didn’t. You were there for the whole night whenever I open my eyes because of pain, you put your hands on my head, and then I just forget my pain.      

                                                         And I also remember the day you beat me and I got angry with you. But then Bhaiya told me that because I am not talking to you, you didn’t eat for two days. And then I came to you and ordered you to eat with me, you were smiling and I was shouting at you. 

        I remember how you know all the things that I want before I tell you. And feel scared of papa to tell him to buy those toys and comic books, but you go to him and tell him to buy those things for me. I remember that when I was not able to attend college you sold your golden bangles and arranged the money so that I could go to school. 

                          I want to say thank you for all of this, and I want to say sorry to break your heart on that day, when you wanted me to stay at home, but I had a party with friends and I didn’t want to miss it. So I went, without realizing that you also have a fever. I remember that I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my friends and not with you, without even realizing that you have prepared my favorite dinner and made that cake for yourself. You also bought a laptop for me, which I wanted so badly. 

                       I also remember the day when I said that you are not my real mother, and don’t try to be that. And when papa slapped me, you hold me and asked papa to stay away from me. You were there every time even if I hurt you the most. I want to say sorry for that. Aren’t you angry with me mom?

                           Then your mother says, “Beta, I love you more than anyone on this planet. How could I get angry with my angel and my soul? I may not be given you birth but still, I have never seen you like the child of someone else. You are my child and you always will be. 

     Then you came out of that flash. And you go inside your room and by standing right before a newspaper cutting, which is framed on the wall. News written on it:- A woman died while saving her child from jumping from the top of the building.

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