Walking the path and knowing path
Walking the path and knowing path

Walking the path and knowing path

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. This is one of the dialogues that I admire from The MatrixAnd today when we are surrounded by so many lies and fake thoughts and people. We need to find a peaceful thought, a peaceful mind. There are two ways we always get in trouble with our peace. It is either we are thinking about what happened. Wishing it would change or we are thinking about something in the future. We want everything to happen according to our comfort. 

This quote actually shows what’s wrong with that kind of thinking. While we are thinking of something else and trying to achieve something or chasing something. There are so many other things happening to us, which actually shape us. This gives us what we need instead of what we want. 

What to do when we are too much in the future.

I believe that it is better not to know what will happen. Also, it is better if we accept that whatever has happened in past will somehow connect. Have faith that it will do something better in the future. If it not has been done already. If we eliminate these two factors from our thought process, it helps. Then we finally start looking at our present, and then we are fully alive. I am not saying that by just thinking about the present you will feel peace. But at least you could do something about anything that is bothering you and your inner peace. 

How to face challenges

The only way we can face challenges is when we are giving our hundred percent. I experience this every time I hit the gym. If you are also a gym lover, then you may have noticed that whenever you are physically involved in the exercise, you forget all the other things. Your mind starts focusing on the present activity and for an hour you are completely there. That is why gym or any other physical activity like trekking or playing any games, these things actually clear your head from all the toxic thoughts. And once you get disconnected, you get ready to engage again. And then you suddenly realize that the problem about which you were thinking so hard, is not so big after all. 

So we could walk on path without too much concern

So you were walking on a different path and you solved something else. Sometimes you are moved by situations around you, which actually makes you take decisions that you don’t wanna take. But in long run, you come to realize that it was necessary. I want you all to relax a bit, and take a break if nothing is going the way you thought it would, just relax. It will turn into something good. 

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