Why problems in your life are important (Region Beta Paradox)
Why problems in your life are important (Region Beta Paradox)

Why problems in your life are important (Region Beta Paradox)


I want you all to think, what would you do if you have to go 50 miles away from where you are right now? The answer will have some vehicle in it. Whether it is your own or a public vehicle. Because you wanna reach there in time. But what would you do if you just have to go for half a mile? Would you still take a vehicle?

Most of you will answer or will actually walk. There can be many reasons for it. And it totally depends on what you think and why you have to reach the place. But, If it is not too important to travel half a mile too quickly, most of us will walk. And now just think about this thing, what if you don’t have to go more than half a mile for your whole life? what if you get everything you want within half a mile radius? You will walk most of the time. If I reduce the distance to meters then you won’t even use the vehicle. The reason is that it becomes easier. You won’t make an effort to finish half a mile faster, or something until you have to. You won’t push yourself.

Problems in our life

Problems in our lives work like a catalyst. They are important for us so we could force ourselves to find new purposes and new solutions. If you start thinking about all the problems that you have overcome yet, and you observe your behavior after that, you will find out that that problem has changed your attitude towards that problem. You won’t fear the same thing twice. What doesn’t Kill you, makes you stronger.

So it is very important for us to have problems and bad situations in our life. It provides us with a reason to push ourselves. Necessity is the mother of invention. When humans get pushed enough, they push themselves to find a creative extraordinary solution to their problem. So they could get out of that situation or maybe the next generation won’t face the same problems.

This analogy is referred to as The Region paradox. The more problem someone has faced, the better they have become in their life.

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