How to avoid Anger and Depression
How to avoid Anger and Depression

How to avoid Anger and Depression

 I have been reading about it a lot. And I came to know that practicing observing your emotions can help you a lot while you are suffering from any mental problem. You see emotion can not do anything until we take any wrong action according to it. For instance, if you are feeling angry, it won’t hurt you or anyone else, until you yelled at your favorite person. And if you do that very often, you might lose them from your life completely. The only way to stop such things to happen is not to react too quickly. Your mind is not very loyal to you. So it doesn’t tell you the truth all the time. It mostly lies. 

Take an example, you are with your friend and they start to mock you for any bad habit of yours. Now if it goes on for a little while then it might make you angry as well. So when you feel that anger, if you are good at managing it you use sarcasm or say something funny take those mocking as a joke, and ignore it. There is button inside all of us that triggers anger. It gets triggered by anything and anytime. Once it’s triggered, you will start thinking lots of things you should not.

How dare they say that?

And then you wonder about saying something bad about your friends, and sometimes you get so personal that you hurt them so badly, now they are not even talking to you. And you lost some very good friends over nothing. Only if there is something that could have stopped you from reacting too quickly. And you may have got time to observe the situation and came to know that it was nothing. They were just joking and it is alright. 

Reasons for triggers

There are so many reasons this trigger happens, 
1- You had a bad childhood. 

2- The environment around is not good, people always tend to fight, whether in your house or school, college or office. 

3-  You are angry about something else and that feeling actually takes over when something happens that you generally do not enjoy. In this case, usually, we start yelling at every little thing. Like traffic, or anyone making any annoying sound. 

There are so many solutions as well like whenever this happens tell yourself to remain quiet. If you are not liking the conversation you can walk away with any genuine excuse. 

You can tell your friends politely that you do not enjoy this conversation. 

The real problem with these kinds of situations is you don’t even realize that the anger button has been pushed. You get out of control. And to avoid those situations you need to practice calmness. Listen to music more often, and mostly calm music. DO exhausting exercise and the most effective one to be mindful can do meditation.  

When we do healthy things for our mind, like exercise and meditation, it becomes very calm and healthy. Which in turn will help you practice analyzing the situation before you can act on it. You see when you meditate you actually observe all the emotions but your body is not allowed to move so in that case you can’t act on it. And that’s the key, it gives you time to think that it’s okay and it is not a big deal and you do not have to act on it. 

From now on, be prepared when something happens that can trigger your anger. Share this with your friends and also whom you think if he/she needs this. 

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