Self Rejection
Self Rejection

Self Rejection

The bumblebee is part of over 250 species of the bee family. They are found in higher altitude countries. There are European,l and African as well. But this is not why introduced bumblebee in this blog, obviously. There is a cool fact about this insect, which is that the bumblebee doesn’t have physical properties that allow it to fly. So in short according to aerodynamics, Bumblebee has very small wings compared to its body. If you observe closely all the other birds that fly, have larger wings which are according to their body side. There is a relation between the size of the wind and the body that is necessary in aerodynamics in order to make something fly.

And Scientists started to do the research and turned out that the bumblebee uses its small wings to generate the vortex, which allows it to fly. They move their wings so fast that creates a vortex that allows bees to fly. It actually became a new kind of aerodynamics later. 

There is a little engineering and mathematics in the above two-paragraph, but what they are telling us is that bumblebees can not fly aerodynamically, but they didn’t know that so they fly. Bumblee find their own way to fly, which is amazing. They didn’t self-reject themselves by saying that scientists have proved that we cannot fly and sat idle. No, they said whatever the f*ck the scientists say, we want to fly so we will.

This teaches us that if don’t reject ourselves before we give it a try we can achieve a lot. Before going to an interview that you don’t think you will be able to crack, go to that interview anyway. Start that business that you don’t think will get successful, but start that anyway. 

We actually are being unfair to ourselves by not giving ourselves a chance to prove something that we can do. So let rejecting us become other people’s job, not ours. Failure is inevitable if there would be any kind of doubt in your mind, but that’s okay. You don’t have to succeed on the first attempt. it will surely take time for you to build and understand what’s wrong, And once you know it, fix it and keep going. 

No one knows Life, we all are only figuring it out. So don’t let anyone else decide what you can or cannot do. Try it for yourself first. 

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