Running and reading
Running and reading

Running and reading

Running and reading are the two most important hobbies in our life. Both of them are important to train us in two different ways, mentally and physically. Running trains us physically and reading trains us mentally. But if you observe closely then you will find that both of them also affect each other’s area as well. 

How Running Helps Mentally

Try to observe yourself while you run. There will be your inner self which will keep telling you that you can’t do more. But the moment you stop and start listening to that person, then you can find out that you could have run a little more if you would have tried. So next time while you run, try to avoid that idiot that’s inside you and gets panic easily. and starts telling you that you are not good enough to run more.

        The moment you beat that person inside you telling you can’t you will learn how to not give up when odds are not in favor of you. That’s how running actually trains you mentally. According to research, our body is not designed to suffer, it is designed to resist. So whenever it feels like it’s hurting, or gets uncomfortable, then it starts sending signals that it’s time to give up. Scientists have said that it starts sending that signal when your body is only 40 percent tired. So there are a lot of margins where you can push yourself and beat your inner self. 

How Reading Helps Physically

Now you can think about how reading a couple of pages can help you increase your strength. So not with muscles, but focus and concentration, also bearing. There is a lot of exercises and physical task that needs a lot of focus and concentration. When you start studying books, you increase your concentration. You need to pay attention to your muscles when you are lifting weights, you also have to keep telling your mind that you can bear more. One more rep, one more minute, one more second. And if you have ever trained yourself physically you will understand what it means to increase bearing for one more minute.

So somehow both things are co-dependent as well. 

Running is a very amazing exercise for stamina building. and reading a book helps you solve a lot of problems. Because everything that is happening to you has happened to a lot of people already. And to help the next generation they have written a book on that particular problem. You can read it and master yourself to fight it.

So start running and reading blogs and books. 

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