Don’t get theorize until you get the data -Sherlock
Don’t get theorize until you get the data -Sherlock

Don’t get theorize until you get the data -Sherlock

I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes novels, movies, and series as well. When it comes to books they all are amazing, and once you get into them, you just feel like observing everything around you as well. It happens because it’s so well written. After reading my first novel of Sherlock Holmes novel, I started watching things closely.  Although it’s very challenging to keep doing, also very exhausting. Because Sherlock used to wear nicotine patches so he could focus always. We cannot be that much focused but still, it gives you perspective. 

Well, I am not here to talk about sherlock holmes mostly. There was this dialogue in the Sherlock Holmes movie, played by my favorite Actor Robert Downy Jr. He says this to Watson, “Don’t get theorize before you get the data“. It made me intrigued. I started to analyze it more and find out that we all do this on a very small level but that actually has a very big impact on our life. 

Why Gym Don’t Work?

You may find these kinds of people in your friend circle, who are always complaining that the gym is worthless. And it has no effect on their body or anything. They have to go for months and no result has come out. So they have finally given up. I simply think that they did not have enough data to support this, or should I say that they were not looking for it (Another Sherlock Holmes Dialogue that I like). The problem with this approach is that people give up quickly without thinking. Actually, it’s a process where you have to meet the end goal and keep yourself up for it until you get it. You have been feeding yourself all this bad fast food and all that has destroyed your health and also your posture. If you want to be fit you should at least give it one year try before you make any kind of judgment, you will have no idea when you will start looking different and feeling different. Because you have spent enormous time making it worse, you should at least give it a sufficient amount of time to get cured. But people give up easily without going into details.

Why Diets don’t work?

Same reason why the gym didn’t. I have suggested to some of my friends Honey ginger water, I asked them to drink it every single morning and it will help reduce their fat. But after a week they come to you and say that it doesn’t work at all. Now, all the arguments that I made in the gym section not going to repeat but that’s what I want to say again.

 I think we always underestimate our capacity to achieve anything. Just like we judge all others we start judging ourselves as well, that is the very reason why we judge our capacity and give up. But just think what would happen if we don’t. If we give enough time to the gym, to diets to our relationships, and everything they can thrive. I promise you magical things will happen. And they will happen in a way you haven’t imagined. 

Just remember we all are here figuring out how to spend the time we have been given. So make sure you give everything for what you want.

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