Blue dot effect: Humans can never be happy
Blue dot effect: Humans can never be happy

Blue dot effect: Humans can never be happy

There is a saying in India, that most of us would have heard this from our parents or old ones that those who don’t have any problem create one. That’s why when everything is going right in our life according to our parents, and when we take any risk, they resist our decision with a warning. I have found that warning very helpful sometimes, but sometimes it becomes a lot harder to ignore them. 

Although that’s not the thing I am discussing today, I was reading the book Everything is Fucked by Mark Manson. and I came across an experiment which is called the blue dot effect in the book. This Effect has found that we humans cannot be happy ever, because the safer we get the more life threat we begin to see. The richer we get the more reasons we began to see how can we lose money. And it works vice versa as well. 

You all would have remembered that humans used to live in caves, and at times people used to think its safer here, and they has no idea about the other threats. But after that when humans started to build houses and communities, they all also started to think what if we lose it all, what if we become what we were again? And this makes us keep going in the direction of improvement. The improvements are good we all like it. But there is a difference between this improvement and a healthy improvement. 

Healthy improvement

A healthy improvement according to me would be if we did the improvement for the improvement’s sake. Instead of out of fear, what would happen if we won’t? That fear blinds us to see what we are losing in order to achieve that improvement.

Improving without destroying

I have been to Laddakh last year and I went to the temple Diskit. It was amazing and beautiful, full of nature. And there was a Lamma village on top of a mountain on the side of the temple. I and my brother went there early morning. They used only solar equipment there. And it was written on one of the walls that if it destroys what we already had then it’s not innovation. And that quote I think supports what this article says, that we should be building only if it will help all of us instead of the destruction in nature and also our mind. Because when we try to grow out of fear or greed, we stop thinking about the path and the only thing we think about is the destination. Which goes wrong so many times. And until it becomes worst we don’t even start to come up with a solution. Instead, most companies hide their flaws, so it won’t affect their fake image. 

Here are more details on the Blue Dot effect, Hope you understand it more and stop going for the growth out of fear or greed, do it because you want to do it. blue dot effect

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