Scared of Heat (Stranger Things)
Scared of Heat (Stranger Things)

Scared of Heat (Stranger Things)

Well, Stranger Things is an amazing Netflix series. One of my favorites. So when I was watching the second season, I understood the topic. To those who haven’t watched the series, don’t worry you will still relate to this blog, but if you are a fan of fiction stories, then must watch them. It has amazing suspense. 

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                 So in the Second Season When ‘Will’ was possessed by shadow, that time will be acting normal usually. And whenever his mom tried to give him something to warm, Will used to refuse it by saying “He likes it cold”. At the end of the season, Will’s mom realizes that they are providing everything that the shadow wants. And that makes Will a perfect host for the shadow. That’s why it’s not going away from him. So it was important for him to be heated. And in the final episode, they tie him and put some heat on him. And that’s how they save Will. 

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                             So when I was looking at it, I was also allowing some kind of shadow inside me that was keeping me comfortable. I didn’t want that inner shadow to feel uncomfortable, and that’s why I was not getting away from it. I kept doing the same thing and was expecting different results. Sign of a stupid as Einstien has said. So I realized that I need the heat, and this time I don’t have anyone else who will do it for me. I will have to do it by Myself. I am not specifying any particular thing that I was getting away with. Because people start relating to specific problems. But I want you all to think about that from yourself What is the thing that you want to get away from? The thing that will break your comfort zone, but will make you a better person as well. There are lots of things that have possessed us without our permission. Our mind keeps telling us that he likes it cold, and we keep providing our habit that cold. But we all know from within that we need heat in order to achieve what we really desire. 

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