Rinsing Your Cottage cheese
Rinsing Your Cottage cheese

Rinsing Your Cottage cheese

What is “Rinsing your Cottage Cheese”?

Yesterday I came across one concept of working hard, which struck me a little hard, not just because it’s a phrase that motivates but the way the writer has put it into words. Those who are familiar with the book Good To Great By Jom collins would also be familiar with the term Rinsing your Cottage cheese. It’s about a famous athlete Dave scott’s formula of making sure that he will prepare himself for victory, more than anyone else. And eventually, he did. Even after finishing the hardest kind of workouts and cardio, he used to Rinse his cottage cheese so that he could reduce extra fat. So the term Rinsing your cottage cheese took My eye. I mean it’s a fascinating way of saying work your ass off. 

Realizing some hard truth

                 Now that I analyze this term a little more I came to know why it is so important. I have always thought, when I was in school I was doing good in my school, and in my class. But there are so many other schools, and if you think there are toppers from each school and each section, each class. And there are schools in the district state and also in countries. So I don’t think that concept of school was to compete, but once you get better at level one, which is your class, then level 2 can be your whole school and so on. Then as you level up yourself the competition gets tougher. Which asks more hard work from you. All my life till now, I have selected so many different streams, for instance, I was good at math and science so I participated in some competitions but I left them after the level up. I tried sports, Cricket. And then after four years of hard work I left. At that time I had so many excuses for those things, but now I can think of only one. I was not willing to give it all. And that’s the only difference between those who make it and those who don’t. 

Talent doesn’t makes difference, Hard work Does.

Good to Great Chapter 5 - The Hedgehog Concept - (Simplicity within the  Three Circles)

I used to think about those people who were talented enough but never got as much attention as someone who does. I won’t write names, because people have different opinions when it comes to judging people, But I think we all can agree on one concept. This tells us that it takes more than just talent to level up. Because if you have two students who have equal marks in maths, how else you are gonna judge who is better? I don’t think anyone should be judged at all, because everyone has their own way of thinking about life. But for example, if two people are chasing the same thing and they are equally talented, then how are you gonna decide who is more deserving? Sometimes when we use the wrong parameters, we end up choosing the wrong person. But if we chose a parameter according to the goal that both are trying to achieve, we can come up with great results. And I think these parameters that we chose to judge are the real rinsing of the cottage cheese. If you are good at sports, then good but someone else is also good, then how good a person you are so that you’ll bond with the team. How consistent you are with your health. How honest you are with your performance. How respectful you are to your elders. All these things become a parameter when it levels up.

     So Rinse your cottage cheese as you level up, and that will make you a better person and also will help you to succeed in whatever plan you have chosen for yourself.

Thanks for reading 😉

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