Logical feelings
Logical feelings

Logical feelings

I have heard that your logic to see life and your feelings cannot come together to you. If you are emotional you’re gonna make emotional decisions. If you are angry or hungry then probably you can break anything even your best relationship. If you’re very happy and joyful with your current success you can promise anyone to do anything for them, and you won’t even realize then how hard it will be to do. So basically I want to say that emotional feelings may lead you to some good sometimes, but logically it gets you in trouble in most of the time. I am a boy, so I am also a supporter of those who says,” Even god could not understand what he had invented when they created a girl.” With due respect, I respect every girl or woman whom I have met who is fit for this quote.

                                               Suppose that you have joined a class, you didn’t have any interest in that class but still, you had to join because of your parents. You joined it for one month, and you had no idea how it is going to be, to spend your precious 30 days, and 45 hours in a classroom that has no interest in you and vice versa. :p. And then, when you joined the first class you saw a girl sitting right in the front right chair of yours. She has bound her hair behind, not such long hair, and she has a sleeveless yellow shirt and blue jeans. You are unable to see her face properly. Still, you began to imagine how she is.
   Now let me give you some details about this story, the class was about C programming. And there were four students, one is our hero the other one is a girl, and the other two are co-stars. :P. And all of them were beginning their computer programming. The C is an amazing way to start it. Because it is a procedure language and I believe most of the time that our government should make it a subject in our classes like maths and English.
                    So the class begins. Suppose that you have a phobia, you freak out while talking to girls, and you are even scared to see their eyes cause you are afraid that she is gonna slap you right in front of everyone because you were staring at them. So by that fear you are sitting right behind that girl. The class started, If you have ever programmed before you would know that the first program should be “HELLO WORLD”, in which you print on the screen “Hello World”. It is a very simple program to start with. But Because you had no interest in that class you joined it a little late and that’s why you were late. This class was a little ahead, they were teaching increment and decrement operators and many more mathematical applications. The teacher who was taking that class knows you so that he indexed you to keep calm and he will tell you everything. And he did, after finishing them when the teacher came to you to make you understand the basics. Every other was looking at you, and the girls were also. And that was the first time you saw her face. It was like other beautiful girls you see on the road of the city. But seeing her that close made some effect. But you kill those thoughts because remind yourself that you are not that kind of boy. And you don’t have to go behind her. So finally you start concentrating on C.
       I was not that scared but I do feel that scarring can be harmful in these conditions. Logically these feelings are not anything real, its all virtual and part of human life. Did I just tell you that the boy was me, No I don’t think I did? 😛

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