The 8th Wonder (Compounding)
The 8th Wonder (Compounding)

The 8th Wonder (Compounding)

I have been reading so many business and Self-improvement books recently. And all of them are great. It’s been a great experience. I wanna keep this habit for years. And after studying, both kind of books on the same day is a privilege. Let me explain why, because the business book is not just about business, it’s about character as well. And when it comes to building character, it means self-improvement. After reading so many of them I have noticed the similarities between them. One of the similarities is Compounding

What is Compounding

Well, most of the people in my country run away from such words in their teenage. It is also because our teachers did not tell us the secret of this word. Also, I don’t think they understood it themselves, so it’s not entirely their fault. Compounding is something, that we haven’t created, we have discovered it. Because it’s already there in our daily life. To those, who think that this is only a math problem, trust me it’s not. In fact, it’s not a problem at all. It’s a solution. Compounding happens in our daily life. When we try to do exercise every day, we eat healthy every day and go to our office to meet new people and old people. Every single thing that we keep doing, or keep happening around us has a compound effect on our life, which we should understand in order to make our decision accordingly.

Compounding is Karma

Compounding is karma because whatever you do gets piled up. and it keeps growing. But it doesn’t just grow, it decreases also. Just like karma, Compounding cuts both ways too. For instance, you are eating healthy and doing exercise, every day. Then it compounds your health. If you are not eating correctly and exercising. It will keep your body still, and if you are not doing exercise either, then we already have so many examples of Bad shape people in our life. What I am saying is, that it depends on the direction of your action. Whichever way you are working will grow, if you won’t it will decrease as well. Not just exercise or health. Suppose you wanna be a good musician, then the more you practice the better you’ll be. The day you started ignoring your practice of music, will be the day music will start ignoring you. 

Compounding nature

Understanding the long-run outcome of your action is very important. People become too impatient when they want something so badly. Some people even try so hard that they get what they want early in life, success, and fame. But then it becomes a liability to them as well. You may have heard about so many famous people that they couldn’t handle their success. So many middle-class people judge that they would have done better with that amount of money, but the reality is, that it is as hard for them as it was for the person who couldn’t.

Compounding nature means, having steady progress, with steady character. Keep your mind at peace, and just keep faith that it’s all going to compound and will become bigger than you ever imagine it will.

Compounding can not be controlled in a small span of time. It takes a lifetime to build such a character that can have patience. And I think building character is so much more important than building lots of money and property. Although, Compounding is mostly used for building money and property. 

I think we all should think about it constantly, it gives us hope and also peace. So that we could enjoy our work and life. 

Thank you for reading.

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