Stop the “Be” Factor
Stop the “Be” Factor

Stop the “Be” Factor

I was watching an interview with our Prime Minister, and the reporter asked him, what he wanted to be when he was young. So we all were expecting some great answers, but the answer was pretty simple. He said never thought of being, he always thought of doing. Doing anything that feels right, that he wanna do. 

This was a long time ago, but recently I came across an article, that was describing the psychology of keeping your goal to yourself for a long time. The article explained that making a goal of being something and making a goal of doing something. Both of them are two very different areas. While making a goal of being something doesn’t have a lot of success rate, making a goal of doing something does change your life, and it helps you to keep you on the road as long as the destination is not achieved. 

There is one more example of such psychology. I realized it on a train. If you will observe your feeling, on a train that is stopped, you feel hopeless about reaching on time, even when the train is right on time. If it’s not moving, you don’t feel good. But once it starts, your brain becomes relaxed. It only happens when you have to reach somewhere quickly. But we are not able to feel it very often, cause in that kind of situation, no one thinks of psychology. 

So what I wanna tell you all, is setting up a goal of doing something affects the way we perceive our goal. For example, if you wanna be rich, and you are thinking of doing something to get rich, which one seems more likely to achieve its goal? The one who is thinking of doing it and then doing it finally. 

So removing this “Be” factor is very important. To do that, the first step you can take is, to stop comparing yourself to others. 

If you are comparing yourself to others, you are insulting yourself- Bill Gates

So instead of comparing your situation, you should think of doing something that will remove the gap in between. 

Make smaller goals 

Making a smaller goal makes your mind think that this part is easy and I’m gonna do it quickly. And once you have achieved that smaller goal, you feel confident of getting the next one in the line. That’s the kind of thinking that will be developed, and it will remove all the “Be” factors in you. 

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