Do you wanna know the Secret of Happiness? It’s Boring
Do you wanna know the Secret of Happiness? It’s Boring

Do you wanna know the Secret of Happiness? It’s Boring

There have been lots of books and articles have been written about how to find happiness. Some say we can find it in our work and some say we can find it with people who love us. There are so many ways we can do it as I have come to know. I have read so many articles and books. The reason that people do this is that we all feel lost at some point in our life. There are also studies that tell us that once a month we won’t like anything naturally. And that doesn’t mean we are unhappy, but most people find a lot of excuses during that time to be unhappy. 

There are people who will tell you that you should find happiness within. And there will be people who will tell you to find meaning in life and that will lead to happiness. You can find love and that will lead to happiness as well. You can pursue something that you have always wanted when you will start that will also bring you happiness. You can achieve a simple goal in your life that will also bring happiness to you. 

Scientifically all of these is dopamine. It’s a chemical that your nervous system uses to communicate with your body. The emotions that you feel when you are happy are controlled by dopamine. There are others as well but we are here for pleasure, so one article at a time. So basically there are ways you can hack into it. And make yourself feel better when things are not going the way you planned them. 

I am talking about some personal experiences that when you are hurt and feeling sad about something, also it depends on the gravity of sadness, but if you are extremely sad then there is hardly any word that will distract you easily. No matter what people tell you. I have been told to think less, distract myself with other things, do the things that I like, be with the people who make me feel better, watch my favorite show, and do lots of things. And at that time nothing seems to work. When you do these things they do work for some duration but later you began to feel the same. Time heals everything and your sadness does fade away. The problem is our attitude during we are sad. That’s the time actually ask these questions, whether on the Internet or with people who we look up to. We ask how to deal with this thought that keeps coming to me. 

I have come to realize that there are some basic things that helped me go through some of my toughest times. And those basic things are very boring. Boring things that don’t seem important to us. We do them every day and they are important, but when we get sad we stop doing them. And I think that makes our brain feel that something is wrong. What I am trying to tell you here is that you can trick your mind here to let your body know that everything is alright just by sticking to a routine that is easy and boring. It seems easy when you hear it but trusts me it is very hard when you are applying it in real life. 

Remember your parents told you about getting up every day and going for a walk outside or spending more time reading than on the TV. Turns out that these simple healthy habits actually hits serotine and dopamine both. Being in nature like going hiking or mountain or seeing sunrise or sunset, helps you achieve it. Any kind of exercise helps you increase dopamine and leads to happiness. They won’t seem to be working so quickly but if they get into your habit you will see the difference between the older you and the newer you. 

Not just when you are sad, but also if you want to achieve something in life and you begin to think that you don’t have any motivation or tie or you lack focus, in all these kinds of situations your mindset actually plays a big role. So once you have these habits that actually make you happy you will also be able to find a way to find more time to pursue the things that you want.  

It has been a great help to me, to add these simple boring habits in my life which makes me happy all the time. It is not that I don’t get sad now, it’s just that I know that I will be okay no matter what comes. 

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