Breathing and anxiety
Breathing and anxiety

Breathing and anxiety

Anxiety is something that I call an invisible issue. We cannot tell if we have or not. And the person who suffers from it doesn’t understand it. If you will understand that you have it then you can stop it. It’s all about avoiding some thoughts to exaggerate. Keep it simple. Keep your mind busy with all the simple things you know you have to do.

I started feeling like I was in a glass full of water, I was shouting from the bottom of it. But no one was there to listen. And then I woke up all sweaty, wondering what was happening, what is wrong. I didn’t have the guts to sleep again because I was afraid I would see it all over again so I stayed up for the whole night. I started being claustrophobic. I never was before. But whenever I was inside a metro that is going underground, my heart rate increased. And all I wanted was to somehow get out of the metro, most of the time I did get out at the next station to catch my breath, and then travel again.

I started meditation, I took long breaths, and slowly bring them out. While I was doing that I started analyzing everything that is going on and I came to realize that nothing was worth more than my health. Nothing will matter if I won’t healthy. So what I did was to tell my mind to stop worrying about everything else and only focus on health for now. I started exercising every single day and meditating too. I stopped using my phone a lot. I started reading books. Instead of using any social media where people share their fake life, I joined those who share knowledge. I think knowledge gives you relaxation. It tells you that so many people are suffering from the same thing. And you are no different. You have support, you have people around you who care. If not even then you are the one who cares the most. So instead of worrying about where you were and where you will be, just live. And for living there is only one simple solution. Just don’t forget to breathe. 

There is a thing that I heard, which is called the 4-7-8 rule, which says to breathe in for 4 seconds, hold it for 7 seconds, and then release it for 8 seconds. It’s very relaxing. You can do It and you will stop thinking about all the other things that don’t matter. 

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