4 Faces of people ( Corporate Life )
4 Faces of people ( Corporate Life )

4 Faces of people ( Corporate Life )

Human behavior cannot be explained on a page, but there are certain things that can give you perspective. And this blog is going to do the same for you. I  currently work in a corporate company. Those who have will relate to this so much, but those who don’t will also find it familiar in their real life. Because people are the same everywhere, you can observe the same behavior. Whether it’s your family life if you are in a sports background your school, college, or your friends. I have observed there are four kinds of behavior that people provides. I am not saying that all people are like that or you should judge everyone with this philosophy. Remember the heart wants what it wants, so basically when you have any relationship with another person, if it’s serious then you won’t be able to judge them at all, and take my advice you should not until you get any clear evidence. So The four faces are as follows 

1- When you are getting hired and you are good.

2- When you are hired.

3- When you get Appraisal

4- When you are resigning

When you are getting hired

I hope you all are familiar with this if you are good at your work, you get hired easily, and if you have a good experience, people welcome you with so many promises and a big smile. Promises can be anything, you will get your salary on time you will find the best environment you are free to work in your creativity you are safe we are open to discussing everything. 

The same thing happens when you meet people for the first time, if that other person finds you interesting and profitable somehow, then they promise with their actions that they will talk to you more, they will make you feel special, and a lot more. Not just in a relationship but in anything like your friend or your colleague. 

When you get hired

In this case, faces turn a little bossy, like they want you to know all the conditions before they could actually let you walk through the door. They will come up will all the rules and regulations with such tricky grammar words, that you will be blinded to see because you still remember the first phase promises and their behavior, and you will think that it’s gonna be alright. Because this person was so polite, and he has also promised that any fault of yours can be understandable. 

Now in relations, this starts when you are behaving more familiarly and now you come to know that the other person doesn’t like to be disturbed between 10 am to 12 pm, or they don’t like coffee. You can call it the likes and dislikes phase. In most cases, they want you to strictly remember, and sometimes you will be failed to do so, and the reason would be the same as the previous one, that you still remember the behavior of the first phase.

When you get Appraisal

This is the most important phase for you because obviously, you want to be paid equal to the amount 0of work you are providing to the company. But suddenly all the work that you have done will have flaws, and all of the sins and crimes that you have committed while you working in the office will come haunting you. Even if you have broken glass by mistake, or you have forgotten your HR’s birthday. 

In relations there comes a stage when you think this can get better and you get too familiar or ask for a big help, but the other person stops you to move forward, they will call it a line that you would never have seen before because it was inside the other person’s mind instead of actually exist. You can call that hypothetical mind. And they will keep reminding you of this mistake and will try to find every flaw of yours that will allow them to establish the fact that this is not a good time to help you or get more familiar with you.

Last phase

When you are resigning

Now you got to know all the other phases so you want to leave. But in order to do that, you still have to take care of the company that you have worked for. So you have to provide them with all kinds of availability and good manners so that they could let you go politely. But turns out that they won’t, because now all the sins and crimes that you have done vanish, and you became the angel that has saved them all over the years. and you will be reminded of all the first phase promises again, and suddenly they will find the funds to pay you, and suddenly they will become profitable. 

Now in relations, this goes easily because thank god you don’t go for paper works when you are making any kind of relationship. Suppose you sign a contract to become someone’s friend and then you have to give them one month’s notice before you could start ignoring and calling them. But even if there is no paperwork involved, it still happens automatically. People don’t just go off, and the reality is that you can’t even do that by yourself as well. We all need closures and a proper goodbye. 

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