Mirror Deception And Distortion
Mirror Deception And Distortion

Mirror Deception And Distortion

Mirror Distortion and the science behind it

Do you know that the mirror where you see your face doesn’t actually reflect you properly? I mean it does reflect you, but it varies according to the distance and light you are standing in. For instance, if you are too close to the mirror, the body parts that will be close to the mirror will appear wider and will have more impact than the ones that are away, which means your nose will be the closest thing to the mirror. It will be wider than other parts like your eyes and your mouth. And by using this we can guess that your ear will be the smallest part, or in some cases won’t even exist.

The same thing happens with the camera lens, so that’s why when you click your photo by yourself looks very different than when someone clicks it for you. And there are some people who are good at selfies and some will be not, but they will look good when someone else will click on their photo from a distance. That’s why they say that those people are not photogenic, but they look good in real life.

Mirror or camera varies according to the surface that they have, so you may look smart in one mirror and ugly in another. It all depends on which mirror you are looking into. It is also called Mirror Distortion. If the surface is plane you will get a great reflection of yours and you will like it. But even in that mirror if you will go more close, you won’t.

Ultimately it’s all about in which mirror we are looking in. Mirror tells us reflection, not the way we are but the way the mirror is. So we can’t trust the mirror or camera at all.

The philosophical view of people regarding Distortion

But what about people? People also have a perception as reflections in the mirror. They also provide you with lots of points of view. It varies according to the people. Some people will find the same you very amusing and some will find it irritating. And now if you want to look good in the mirror you stay at a distance where it doesn’t reflect you as an ugly person. So do people, they won’t provide you detailed perspective until they are seeing too much of you.

And we just like mirror people have perceptions too. They reflect according to the brain capability they have themselves. And if you are fool enough to believe that reflection is true then go a little away from them and you will see.

If we just want a good reflection then we may be looking into the wrong mirror we can always change it. And this can have both good and bad impacts. If the mirror is right and watching ourselves in the wrong mirror, which provides us with wrong information, if we find that attractive, that’s also dangerous, because that will not improve us, and will do us no good. If we find a mirror that is showing wrong information about the flaws we have and we are still trying to improve it, that will also do no good to our brain. Maybe instead of going from mirror to mirror, we can accept all of them according to their perception. And start improving ourselves on our own. We can observe ourselves and find out which area we want to improve and how.

The only person we can not lie is to ourselves if we hear close enough. Hearing yourself would do more good for you than anyone else perception or reflection ever did. Sometimes it’s better to look in the mirror that makes us feel good. Sometimes it’s important to look into those mirrors that show that we are not the good that we think we are. So whenever you find out that someone else’s words are making you uncomfortable. Then try having to look at a different mirror.

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