The coding of love ;)
The coding of love ;)

The coding of love ;)

They used to work every day, competing who would work more efficiently, quicker, and better at the same time. This competition made them enemies, they hate each other. The only thing they had in their microchips was that they have to win, the more they lose the more the hate increased. This is the rule of a computer-programmed robot, it works only the way it has been programmed. It can only do those things that we have told it to do.

These two robots were the best among the others. They never made any talk, but they both understand the power of their opponents. The AI programming, Artificial Intelligence made them in this way so that they could read the moves and create their own strategy.

The first Robot’s name was Naina, and the other’s name was Rudra, it was just the name, they were designed in this way, The competition was about to make themselves multitask, they both could implement themselves, program themselves, to be whatever they want. They were genius at solving mathematical problems, they create algorithms and use amazing electronics and mechanics to make themselves great problem solvers.
                                Today was a great day, it was the multi-racing capacity test. All the robots were lined up, no one of them knew what its going to be like. All the robots had planned their way out, by anticipating the race. Finally, the time came, and the whole stadium was full of people. All of them were very excited to see this race. Every Robot was prepared to defeat every other one.

The stadium was very tiny, there were so many races before. And in every race, there was a particular problem. Sometimes it was a race in water, sometimes robots had to dig under the desert and find the way out. And sometimes they had to fly among hurricanes. So they had faced so many challenges like this and all of them were ready this time to face the Largest one. the multi-racing. But rules were not disclosed yet. And finally, the organizers came in the middle and were about to start the event.

Right before that. Rudra was watching Naina, Not just watching but gazing. He was reading every single moment she was making, he was noticing every single action she was doing that time. He was totally hypnotized, Naina was designed as a beautiful Indian woman. She had long hair, but she tied them behind always. She had a sari, and she round the pallu(border of the sari) and put it into her waist, but today she was totally dressed for the race, she wore tight and flexible clothes that let her move properly.

The announcement of “Hello, hello all the opponents”, breaks the hypnotism of Rudra. He started watching the track, and the rules were announced,
“All the participants have done a fantastic job in the past month’s race, as you all know that this race is multitasking and will test all of your skills, but it will also test how quickly you all learn new things. We have never programmed you for flying a spaceship, we have never told you how to work together, but today is the day you all have to do this. What we really want is that no single robot will win this trophy, you all have to work together and finish a mission together, then you will all be able to win.

The spaceship has been parked behind you all, the whole world will watch you all live. You all have to find another spaceship that crashed last month, we have found a signal from it, and you all have to find it on all 9 planets, you are our search team for today, and we wish you all the best. “

  The team of robots selected two captains, Rudra and Naina. They both stood right in front of the robots, and they both were gazing at the crowd and then at each other, what will they do, cause they both never worked together? Rudra said, “Naina is the best one to learn anything, she will start learning how to fly, and the jumpers will go and find suits, the others will wait for the orders,” Naina was a little shocked after hearing praising words from Rudra, she always thought that he was the whom she hates the most, but today she was looking at Rudra very differently, it was looking like a different kind of love program has automatically written in their microcontroller.

Finally, Naina started the spaceship, and all of them started flying it, it was a swarm robot controlling, Naina and Rudra were in one spaceship, and there were so many other

pairs of robots in every ship. Naina was transferring her data into every single robot that was operating the spaceship. While flying, somehow Rudra put his hands on Naina’s hand, and Naina felt something different, Rudra didn’t realize it because he was in sleep mode, and in sleep mode robots switch off the touch sensor.

Naina didn’t move, she began to like Rudra, Every spaceship was searching on a different planet, and Rudra and Naina had aimed for Pluto. The coolest one on all planets, Naina had a problem with the cold environment but still had developed some modules to defend herself. finally, they were about reach. Rudra switched his mode and then he realized he has his hands on Naina, he quickly remove it, blushing a bit. Whooo! no robot blush program has been written in the world before.

They both saw a black thing on the white ice mountains of Pluto planet. They assumed that it is the lost one, for checking Naina started her eye scan, this was her special work, which is why her name was Naina, she scanned and found 5 living bodies inside the spaceship. She quickly drove there and landed right side of that ship. They both came out and started the rescue operation, They transferred every single person safely, but there was another young Robotic girl inside and she was at the very edge of the spaceship.

So they made a plan, Naina could extend her hand from the spaceships from one corner to another. So all of them take their place in a spaceship and she extended her hand to catch that girl in the deep ice. And she caught her, she was trying to pull her and successfully pulled her out by driving the spaceship outside but suddenly her cold system module started failing the hand she extended, was not getting an appropriate response from her main system.

And Rudra read this activity, Naina didn’t say anything, because now she knew that she is not going to survive. Rudra went off the ship and Naina cried, “What are you doing, You will hurt yourself.” Rudra said one thing, “When you lift the cup, do remind me once.” Then smiled and jumped. Rudra was very heavy, by jumping half of his body went inside the ice, and his metallic body started freezing, He had strong arms he caught the wounded Robot and threw him onto the ship, and waved her hand to Naina.

After telling this story Naina was so upset on the stage, and all of the living audience had tears in their eyes.

Thank you for reading 🙂 

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