Pressure handling, (Leadership)
Pressure handling, (Leadership)

Pressure handling, (Leadership)

There is a lot of research on how to be a good Leader. Several books refer that you should be easygoing with your employee, and make them feel comfortable around you so that they could speak their mind. The book written by Jim Collins, Good to great, described 5 kinds of leaders. 5th kind has all the qualities that a leader should have. In reality, no one knows exactly what you should do, that will make a good leader. Because Steve Jobs was so not easygoing with his employees. Some of the articles suggest that he was a little brutal when it comes to performance. So his thinking was to create pressure, if someone can survive that, they can also build great products. So it’s like, whichever options give you results is right for you. 

           What I am talking about here is another thing. While going through all this, whether you are the leader of a big company or leader of a small team of a company or your own family. You always feel kind of pressure from the people around you. It’s like performance pressure, if you will not perform well, people will blame you. 

    This pressure can happen to anyone. And this affects your performance. And to handle this better, I think what we need is better philosophy, of how the world works. I always see challenges as a game, and the solution to that challenge would be the rule of the game, which goes in your favor. If somehow you know all the rules, then you can bend them or use them in your favor. That’s all the world is about. For instance, businessmen use some mindset rules against customers. Their analytic reports and people skills provide them the knowledge of how people will react if they will take specific kinds of decisions. Recently an athlete commented on a soft drink, and shares got down. The mentality of people is key when you are running a large business. 

In the case of performance pressure, I was listening to Mr. Sachin Tendlkar, a great cricketer of all time. I think he knows pressure more than any other athlete. Because a large amount people used to expect that he is gonna score a hundred. In one of his interviews, he said that if you think about that support as a burden then it will be a burden. But if you think that they are just supporters who are with you not on you, then your performance will become better. Just this one philosophy has changed the attitude of his batting. He started going down the pitch with confidence. And that’s very important. 

So it all depends on what you think about your support. You take them as a burden or as a support. Your mentality can change the way you are living. Do some small changes in your attitude and it will bring so many amazing changes in your life. 

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