Wallflower Diary (30-06-2022)
Wallflower Diary (30-06-2022)

Wallflower Diary (30-06-2022)

Life is not fair. 

We all have experienced this line somehow somewhere in our life. We have a paradox in everything. We have no idea of what is true and what is not, we have no idea of what is right or what is wrong. Both of these topics are subjective. The more I think about it, the more I come to know that there is no way we can define anyone or anything completely. 

Sometimes I think Life is like one-sided love, where we see all the facts that are wrong, still, we have no control over our actions. We are always moved by our emotions and the circumstances around us. How can one be sure that the choice that he/she has made is free, without any outer manipulation? It is hard to know. Again it’s subjective. 

We all have always been motivated by our parents or any other senior around us who has lived enough and cares for us. They will always come to us and let us know what to do and what not to do. All the instructions that they provide you, believe me, they haven’t tried themselves. Otherwise, they would never have to use the words to impart this wisdom to you. I on the other hand came to realize, that it is possible to enjoy while maintaining the discipline that you need for your growth. We can enjoy the things that do not break our discipline. I wonder if all those who have achieved a lot are also suffering and all those who haven’t also, but different kind of suffering. How do you know which one is better? No one would properly know the answer, I guess. 

It’s been a rough day, but also I enjoyed a lot of things as well. I read once in a book named “Mindset” written by Carol Dweck. She has explained that some little problems that occur during the whole day don’t decide that it was a bad day, if you judge it like that then you don’t possess a growth mindset. 

I hope you all had good day, just like mine. 

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