You will feel better on day two (Corporate Life)
You will feel better on day two (Corporate Life)

You will feel better on day two (Corporate Life)

We all get nervous on the first day that first day is important. Our first day of school, the first day of college, the first date, all of it. Most of the time we try not to make any kind of mistake that will make us look like idiots and naive. And that trying makes us nervous.

I wanted to be a cricketer, it was like a child’s dream like everyone has. So I decided to pursue that end where I cannot regret that I didn’t try enough. So I asked my parents and they said no, But tried anyway. I joined a club four hundred kilometers away from home. Everyone was a stranger to me at that time. And in our country where you can find differences in people every ten kilometers, this was too much change and way too quickly, because before that I was never away from home. So I went in for the first day, I didn’t even know how to follow everything.

When the first day started, we gathered around our coach, and he started the short catch practice. And I was very nervous. Suddenly the ball came to me and caught it, that was not a problem for me at that time. But when I had to throw the ball back to the coach’s bat so that he could punch it to another player, I wanted to through it lightly so that he could easily hit it. And my throw went way too light, it didn’t even reach to him, and then I said sorry and he made comment. I am not describing but it was embarrassing :p.

Later, that evening coach asked us to play football for stamina. And I was the worst at it. So I tried to go along but didn’t work. I got injured and had to sit out for a few minutes. I didn’t want to rejoin but the coach insisted. I went in and did a little better than before, and felt happy about it. Because of me, my poor team got two goals, so we didn’t lose by a larger margin.

And the captain came and shook hands. He said you did well. I was lousy at talking to new people, But he seems to be very good at it. He kept asking things about me so that I feel better on my first day, which I did after that little talk. In the end, he said only one thing, this will get better tomorrow.

Day two is better because it comes with experience.

The same things happen everywhere. Since then I have always told myself that it will get better from here. Once you are in and doing your work in an environment. You gain experience from your mistake. And trust me you will get better.

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